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Career Connections is a Facebook initiative that expands student access to meaningful careers in their communities while contributing to the growth of local businesses.



*Data sourced by Collegiate Employment Research Institute’s Recruiting Trends Report


Every business should have the opportunity to grow and contribute to their community. We help you do this by connecting you to capable students from historically underserved backgrounds, who will take your social media and digital marketing presence to the next level!

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student talent

Career Connections Fellows are local college students vetted and trained by Facebook on digital marketing, communication and leadership skills crucial for professional success.

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Facebook will provide special benefits to Business Partners, including $500 in Facebook + Instagram ad credits, access to exclusive trainings, online recognition and much more.

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events & trainings

Discover internship best practices to support your Fellow(s) at our Kickoff Event, and continue your learning and development through our virtual trainings.

The ongoing mentorship and trainings were awesome avenues

to equip the Fellows with the skills and knowledge that employers do not have, which made them an even greater value-add to companies.“
– Kim Lane, Career Connections Business Partner

Our trained Fellow supported our business goals.

It eliminated a lot of steps in the hiring process and connected us with students who might not have had an opportunity to land a paid professional internship."
– Adena White, Career Connections Business Partner

CC put us in touch with talented internship candidates

trained by Facebook. We would recommend the program to any small business that wants a competitive edge that can only be achieved with top-level talent."
– Jordan King, Career Connections Business Partner

Being connected so easily with local talent

and supporting their growth and professional development is critical to the success and flourishment of our community."
– Gabrielle Graves, Career Connections Business Partner

Career Connections did such a wonderful job

recruiting students and matching them with us. Definitely helped to have Facebook screen and train them and present us with highly qualified candidates.“
– Leila Koehn, Career Connections Business Partner

Having access to Facebook has been great!

Being able to tell current clients and prospects that we are partnering with the company has helped in our sales process."
– Delainia Whitehead, Career Connections Business Partner


Extended deadline for Summer 2020 Applications:
February 28th, 2020



*Data sourced by Look Sharp’s State of Millennial Hiring Report


Every student should have the opportunity to grow and achieve professional success, regardless of their background. We help you do this by providing training, mentorship and connections to professional opportunities at thriving local businesses!

access to

paid internships

Apply for the Career Connections Fellowship Program, an opportunity to be matched with a competitively-paid internship at a business in your community.

experience exclusive

events & trainings

From nailing an interview to mastering digital media marketing, we train you to be career-ready through our in-person Skills Summit and custom online trainings.

receive facebook


Industry connections can help you launch a career, which is why Career Connections interns are paired with Facebook employee mentors who provide valuable guidance.

I have been able to contribute significantly

to such a solid family-owned small business, while also reaping the benefits of gained hard skills and insight into my own aspirations.”
– Taemora, Career Connections Fellow

This program has changed my life.

I came into it planning an entirely different career for myself. I am so thankful that Career Connections showed me I can be successful in the business world if I continue to work hard and put myself out there.”
– Lauren, Career Connections Fellow

I loved my experience and connection

to the Fellowship! I now know where I want to end up in my professional life and have a clearer goal in my career!”
– Marco, Career Connections Fellow

The skills I gained through my internship

couldn't have been learned in the classroom, and I'm confident they will greatly help me with any future career path I pursue.”
– Reagan, Career Connections Fellow

Being a Career Connections Fellow gave me a confidence boost

both personally and professionally. It gave me a chance to learn more about who I am and what professional field I'm really interested in.”
– Christian, Career Connections Fellow

Career Connections helped me realize my true potential.

Without it, I never would have had the confidence to apply for the intern position. I gained a lot of inside knowledge about workplace cultures and which ones suit me best."
– Christine, Career Connections Fellow

I am so happy that I applied

for this fellowship! It was the best decision I could have made for my future.”
– Clayton, Career Connections Fellow


Extended deadline for Summer 2020 Applications:
February 28th, 2020

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Extended deadline for Summer 2020 Applications:
February 28th, 2020

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